Video Editor, Animated Photos, Better GIFs and More

Introducing an New Media Editor, Better GIFs, and More

In 2015, Telegram released the most powerful photo editor to be implemented in a messaging app, letting you enhance image quality and add drawings, stickers and text to pictures. Today we're upgrading the media editor with support for animated stickers and editing videos.

You can now enhance video quality automatically in two taps – or manually tweak a dozen parameters, like brightness or saturation, until your inner Kubrick is satisfied.

For perfect paintbrush precision, zoom in on photos or videos when drawing on them to get every line just right. Your made-up makeup – or your classmates' handlebar moustaches – will never look the same.

Animated Stickers on Media

Most importantly, you can now add animated stickers to any photo or video – just in case you were looking for ways to decorate your dinner table with twerking cherries. Putting an animated sticker on a photo turns it into a GIF:

Speaking of GIFs

The GIF panel has been upgraded with a new Trending section and emoji-based tabs that cover the most popular emotions. You won't ever need to wrestle with words again when looking for Robert Downey Jr.     <div><br></div>
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